91AV Web Accessibility

Web accessibility takes into consideration internet users who may be impeded by physical or cognitive disabilities, or who have limitations related to aging. A website optimized for web accessibility empowers users with disabilities by providing more effective ways to interpret and navigate the web.

The 91AV website was designed and is maintained for optimal web accessibility. 91AV is committed to making continuous website improvements and upholding compliance with the (WCAG) developed by (W3C). The W3C is “an international community that develops protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term growth of the web” ().

Web Accessibility Considerations for 91AV

The following outlines some examples of web accessibility standards that have been implemented throughout the 91AV website:

  • Alternative text on images and descriptive hyperlinks that can be interpreted when out of context by screen reading software
  • Limited use of colour variations and avoiding the use of colour to convey meaning
  • Limited use of text-based graphics to convey information
  • Standardized web page structure for headings, tables, paragraphs, and lists that can be read without the use of styling
  • Specific labels on all web form fields
  • Optional closed-captioning on video content
  • Standardized use of easy-to-read type faces
  • The ability for screen reading software to skip repetitive web page elements, such as the navigation bars, and quickly access the main content

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